Monday, September 13, 2010

lOVelY sUmmeR sALaD

Diced Cucumbers, Tomato, and Bell Pepper
Sprinkled with some RAW goat feta
and good Salt!
sometimes I also add a dash of Apple Cider Vinegar, Or make a Tahini Dressing

Monday, February 15, 2010

sUpeR fuDge

Food Processor
Throw in Nuts that have been soaked overnight ( I used Almonds and Pecans) Coconut oil (best if its more runny, so maybe warm it a bit) maybe three spoons full
couple spoonfuls of Raw cacao
drizzle with agave nectar
dash of almond extract
dash of vanilla extract
pinch o salt
blend! should be to where there are no large chunks of anything floating around
as in it is all one consistent goop
throw goop in pan and spread it out
like fudge!
i like to sprinkle on coconut flakes
stick it in the fridge to solidify more


I had several people tell me they like it better than typical fudge!

And everyone that tried it really enjoyed the chocolate coconut goodness.


Open your eyes to a new grain!
The South Americans have been eating Quinoa for over 6,000 years, and in these days of over produced and over consumed wheat and soy, finding a new grain is never a bad idea.

"its protein content is very high (12%–18%). Unlike wheat or rice (which are low in lysine), quinoa contains a balanced set of essential amino acids for humans, making it an unusually complete protein source. It is a good source of dietary fiber and phosphorus and is high in magnesium and iron. Quinoa is gluten-free and considered easy to digest."
from wikipedia.

SO there you have three good reasons to try quinoa gluten free, high in protein, easy to digest!
I cooked mine and added avocado and some onion and bell pepper then added some olive oil a dash of Apple cider vinegar and some of my favorite spices: Salt, Garlic, Cayenne, Chipotle, and Chili powder.

Although it's not a true grain it cooked like on, so any way you would cook or spice rice,
would also be good for quinoa
I hear it is also amazing with coconut milk and mango!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

cocoNut pudd'N

Don't just take my word for it! try it yourself

coconut pudd'n:

meat (the white part) from two Thai young coconuts

(see Thai young coconut blog for opening instructions)

agave nectar

pinch o sea salt

two or three heaping spoons full of cacao powder

some hemp milk (you can use any delicious liquid you prefer)

a dash of almond extract

throw all of the ingredients in the blender

(except the milk) start blending and add milk slowly just a bit at a time until the blender runs more smoothly there are less lumps, but not too much to make it watery

I like to add the almond extract at the end.

then put int he fridge to let it solidify a bit more

fabulous chocolaty yumminess!

I took this over to a dinner party and they loved it. We ate it with cherries

One dinner party attendee asked for the recipe.

cAulifloWer aGaiN?

I know!
I love cauliflower!
I really love it RAW, but my friend made this for me the other night and it was divine!
He baked Cauliflower in the oven with some olive oil, sea salt, garlic, and lemon juice!
He also bakes some broccoli (but separately since the broccoli takes less time)
and tossed them together.
On a cold night I mimicked the dish as shown here
It was very warm and comforting meal
I think I put the oven at 350 and of course I did not leave it in there very long just until it was warm and slightly softer, maybe thirty minutes?
Also note my nifty stoneware dish
I am trying to get away from all the metals in my food.

taHiNi and sUN dRiEd toMatOEs

My favorite things right now are sund dried tomatoes and tahini!

sundried tomatoe dressing:
cut up tomatoes
throw them in blender
olive oil
a dash of braggs apple cider vingegar
some sea salt
basil leaves
maybe a bit o water
tahini dressing:
sea salt
olive oil
a dash of apple cider vinegar
any other spices herbs or veggies you want!
bell peppers, chipotle, or curry
you get the idea!

also I like to just cut up some sundried tomatoes and toss them over my salad!
which lately has consisted of marinated kale (with a few other greens)
which is basically a dressing from above poured over Kale and tossed around adequately to soften up the Kale

and aside from just dipping sundried tomotaoes in tahini
I also have been using it on breads!
I can't get enough of this
Perfect fatty meal for winter, when you feel you need a little something else to keep you warm at night. So rich and creamy!

Raw bread (also I have used ezekiel bread)
smothered with tahini
some sliced avocado
drizzle with a bit of olive oil (not too much or it will be greasy)
and then a dash of sea salt and garlic on there!

you could also add greens, mushrooms, sauerkraut, or maybe sprouts?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

kAle sAlad

Kale is a tougher green, but very nutritious
I had heard of people marinating it to make it more plyable and easier to eat.
Last night I took a bowl of mostly Kale with a few other greens
I added a couple tablespoons of Oilve Oil
two cap fulls of apple cide vinegar
some sea salt, and garlic powder
a dash of agave
and tossed or gently messaged it, however you want to look at it

then I threw in some onion and avocado and bam!
it was a flavorful party in my mouth!
sooo yummy i couldnt wait to take a picture and upload it, I had to tell you now.

Cancer fighting superhero, packed with a crazy vitamin punch subdued into a flavorful medly by a little marinating. c'mon people how great is that!