Thursday, January 21, 2010

kAle sAlad

Kale is a tougher green, but very nutritious
I had heard of people marinating it to make it more plyable and easier to eat.
Last night I took a bowl of mostly Kale with a few other greens
I added a couple tablespoons of Oilve Oil
two cap fulls of apple cide vinegar
some sea salt, and garlic powder
a dash of agave
and tossed or gently messaged it, however you want to look at it

then I threw in some onion and avocado and bam!
it was a flavorful party in my mouth!
sooo yummy i couldnt wait to take a picture and upload it, I had to tell you now.

Cancer fighting superhero, packed with a crazy vitamin punch subdued into a flavorful medly by a little marinating. c'mon people how great is that!

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