Monday, January 11, 2010

thAi yOung cOcOnut

Coconut Water, while I am no scientist and can't prove it, I have heard that it is similar in molecular make up to your blood plasma, and is therefoe very hydrating and good at replenishing electrolites. So I like to call it Nature's Gatorade
I also find it interesting that it would grow in warm climates and be perfect for dehydration, huh.
What I do no for sure is that it is the most tasty drink, and when my lips touch it I feel a deep sense of satisfaction. Not quite the same taste as the coconut meat. Kinda green and sweet tasting.
but ever so delicious.

First, at the top, shave away the outer soft white part till you get to the hard brown shell underneath.

Then take the butt of your knife tot he brown shell near the top, I suggest putting your other hand behind your back for safety, and whack the coconut.

You only need to whack it a couple times on one side until the butt end of the knife can wedge under the hard shell. then use your mad levering skills to lift!

Then pour the contents into a glass,a nd enjoy! If the liquid is clear with a greenish tint it is good. If it is purple or red the Coconut has gone bad. This can happen often as it is hard to tell from the outside. If you take it back to the grocery store they are usually more than happy to exchange it.

You can also eat the inside meat. It is great in smoothies, or throw i in the blender with some cacao powder, agave, and salt for an excellent chocolate pudding.

Thai young coconuts run around $1.99 in these parts. Cheaper than a starbucks coffee!

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