Thursday, January 28, 2010

cocoNut pudd'N

Don't just take my word for it! try it yourself

coconut pudd'n:

meat (the white part) from two Thai young coconuts

(see Thai young coconut blog for opening instructions)

agave nectar

pinch o sea salt

two or three heaping spoons full of cacao powder

some hemp milk (you can use any delicious liquid you prefer)

a dash of almond extract

throw all of the ingredients in the blender

(except the milk) start blending and add milk slowly just a bit at a time until the blender runs more smoothly there are less lumps, but not too much to make it watery

I like to add the almond extract at the end.

then put int he fridge to let it solidify a bit more

fabulous chocolaty yumminess!

I took this over to a dinner party and they loved it. We ate it with cherries

One dinner party attendee asked for the recipe.

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