Wednesday, January 13, 2010


When you start to become concerned about what is actually in your food, there are so many things you can not buy anymore it becomes overwhelming, and you get used to making things yourself, or emailing companies about the quality/handling of their product.
Here are some products I like

On the left is NOW brand phsyllium husk and Golden Organic Flax Meal from Bob's Redmill
Bob's Redmill ( has tons of alternative flowers, grains, rolled oats, and many other really cool products and some of them, like the flax, is cold processed.
Flax and Phsyllium are good for cleaning out your digestional tract and flax is full of Omega 3 fatty acids.
They are good to throw into breads or smoothies.
Also I sometimes miss them with bentonite clay for a very strong detoxifying mixture.
Primarily I buy bentonite clay for a great face mask!
I also use other things like pure apricot kernel oil and pure shea butter for lotions.
I use just plain aloe vera for a face moisturizer

MSM is a sulphur that is normally found in the dirt and therefore in our fruits and veggies. However farming practices what they are, the soil is deficient. MSM is good for hair, nails, skin, and joints. I like to throw it in my smoothies.

Green powders and other super food powders, there are tons of them!
Amazing Grass is a company i really like but in this instance I got mine for the local Daily juice.
you can find super food powders individually like wheat grass powder, spirulina powder, maca root, goji berry powder. Or there are these amazing blends available.
Normally I prefer things fresh and RAW.
but its nice being able to make more nutrition into a smoothie or bread.
Things like goji berries can not be exported out of china fresh and raw, cause then you could plant your own.
A lot of these super foods are just foods found somewhere in the world that have amazingly high nutritional content. They are mixed into a powder but they do not have crazy preservatives or corn syrup in them. They even have chocolate super food powders and you can throw them in some almond milk with agave for a very nutritious chocolate milk drink!

I try to buy local products and produce whenever possible.
On the right is my most fabulous dressing available to human kind.
It is RAW, and has no GMO oils in it!
I found this local place for grass fed meat. Which is not in my diet but my husband's so I thought I would share
Other Fabulous Products:
for some reason i just didn't think to take pics of them


they have a wonderful RAW apple cider Vinegar

Braggs Aminos are not RAW but a good Soy Sauce substitute that gives you your full range of amino acids.

Lara Bars

Amazing grass bars

Anything from Daily juice including Baraka Bars

Nativas Naturals RAW Powders

Synergy RAW Kombucha Tea

oh there is also NadaMoo and CoonutBliss, which are not RAW but they are heavenly ice creams made from coconut oil and agave, no dairy at all!

and tons of other RAW products that seem to multiply by the day as RAW becomes more popular.

check out some websites like

or check out your local health food store

RAW sections seems to be growing more and more popular

and you can always just search online!

P.S. Your Local Grocery store wants to serve you, and they want your business.
So ask them if they could carry a specific Item for you!


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  2. Love the blog, Marie. You are so adventurous and creative even with your food! Thanks for sharing your wisdom...i don't know if i have the will-power to go raw, but you've certainly inspired me to eat healthier and i would love to implement some of these things into my diet.