Tuesday, January 12, 2010

taSty beVerAgEs

If you are lucky (which includes all you Austin Folk www.dailyjuice.org ) there is a nice juice bar near you, and I don't mean jamba juice. Here is a Girls on Film Smoothie from Daily Juice, which includes Durian Fruit! They have all sorts of Juices and Smoothies, as well as other tasty nutritious products!

Mainly I make my own sweet concoctions

Don't let the green fool you!

This is pure banana peanut butter heaven!
Well actually it is Almond butter, Bananas,
Hemp Milk (or Almond/ Rice/ Soy Milk), and heaping piles of Spinach!
But you do not taste Spinach at all!

This is Papaya, Banana, Strawberry, and Almond Milk
Another Favorite Smoothie is frozen Bananas and Hemp Protein Powder.
There are so many different smoothie combinations and endless experiments to explore.
Adding greens is a great way to ingest tons of greens without noticing the chlorophyll flavor.
I also like to add other super food powders like Macca Root, Mesquite Powder, MSM powder, or a green powder.
The Daily juice website is an excellent way to explore super foods as well as possible smoothie combinations, even if you are just mixing one up at home.

I started this a couple weeks ago and love it. I just cut up some limes and toss them in water with a drop of agave nectar and it makes a nice sweet tonic. Very Refreshing.

I also drink tons of tea! This Tea is mint, ginger, and some honey and lime juice.
It was cold and i wanted to keep my immune system up!

I also Drink Coconut Water
Kombucha Teas
and I cheat and buy Odwalla Carrot Juice.
I like to drink my carrot juice with a pinch of spirulina powder in it.
Another great way to clean out my system with greens, and only taste sweet carrot goodness.
I also heard that Carrot juice is similar in molecular make up to the blood!

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